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Welcome to our website and thanks for stopping by

We hope that you find the device that you are looking for, if you can not find it on the website send us an inquiry regarding the machine you need.

It may be that we have such machines for you, our website is constantly updated and we add new types of machinery and equipment soon.

About us


Eagle Machines   is a company that operates at international level in collaboration with other companies and sells its products in the global market.

Eagle Machines is a manufacturing and Trading Company.

Since 2004 Eagle Machines Industry & Trade has exported engineering machinery, construction machinery and agricultural  machinery to international market.

Satisfying customers" stated and implied needs has always been the focus of business policy of Eagle Machines.

As a further step to satisfy customers and to give them confidence in our quality & production capabilities, Eagle Machines has adopted ISO9001:2000, the international quality management system. And all of our products have  passed CE, EPA and CoC certification.

With a rich inventory of numerous products and vast sourcing capabilities in cooperation with many famous manufacturers in USA, Japan, UK, Canada, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Finland, Norway, Italy and Spain, cater to the requirements of its customers. We also work with factories for studying and producing relative machinery products.

Eagle holds a unique position in the global market of machinery products which is combination of production and trade. With 11 years experience in the export of machinery products, Eagle has gained reputation and confidence as a reliable International Supplier.

By Virtue of committed management and dedicated employees in many countries.




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